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Artist as Shaman: The Definition of Magic

I’ve been sick this past week! One thing about being sick is that it slows everything down and forces you to be quiet and still for awhile. I just wanted to share a few thoughts regarding magic and the creative … Continue reading

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The scars make us stronger.

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Artist’s Inner Vision Tarot

So.. I am still working on things.. I guess I might not be able to post as often as I would like to.. The good news is I do having something to share! I wanted to share this tarot deck … Continue reading

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Kick Ass Tomato Sauce

This isn’t a cooking blog, but since I am currently working on something and not ready to share it* (see note), in the meantime I thought I would impart the way I make pasta sauce. Cause, why not, right? I … Continue reading

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A Note From Me!

Hi,  I just wanted to say that I had thought I would have written more on here by now. It’s just that I feel more… silent lately. About a year ago, when I started my last blog I was just … Continue reading

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This is what I feel like most of the time.

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