A Note From Me!

Hi,  I just wanted to say that I had thought I would have written more on here by now. It’s just that I feel more… silent lately. About a year ago, when I started my last blog I was just bursting with creative energy and things I wanted to share. I had gotten deep into the psychologist Carl Jung, and started drawing my dreams, free writing, journaling, collage.. Before that I was creatively blocked for a long time.

I think I  am gearing up to more. I am just going with the flow. I will probably be posting more collage. I occasionally draw my dreams or comic drawings of things from my everyday life, poignant moments, usually with few words. I also like to share things. What I like to share is hugely varied, depending on my mood or what I’m reading at the time. Quotes, passages, bits of my own writing or sketches, occasionally art, links I like.

I’m trying to think of what to share about myself that won’t bore you to death! I’m pretty eclectic, to put it mildly. I read. A lot. I spend a lot of time alone. I like to. I’m into trippy business! I’m down with “the woo!” (I had a stint in massage school and they would refer to some things as being “woo-woo.” Usually stuff more felt than proven, i.e., re: energy, certain ideas used in oriental medicine, etc;) I love music (all kinds) and dance (of course). I won’t lie to you, you may pick up a spiritual vibe. Mostly I draw from a mixture of Taoism, physics and “nature worship”. Stuff I picked up along the way. Also, psychology, mythology, the archetypal. I am pretty open minded and have all kinds of friends, but I prefer to stay on the fringes. (“I’m nobody, who are you? Are you nobody too?”)

*YAWN!* *yawn!* *BORE! yawn! snore!* Bored to death, yet? Maybe I’m burned out on social media *cough! facebook!* but it stresses me out talking about myself now. Also, boring cause I’m not that original. (Wait! Did I not learn anything in Kindergarten? “We’re all original. Like snowflakes!!” Yes, there is a certain signature. Deena Metzger once said it best, “No matter how hard we try to escape ourselves, we find that we cannot escape our own imprint.”  But, mostly? Are we original? I think we’re all alike in more ways than we care to admit.) I prefer to express myself in pictures more in words lately…Anything else will have to be revealed in time.

**Taoism, in case you don’t know much about it, emphasizes the inscrutability and paradoxical nature of reality as we know it, that it is essentially unknowable and can only be felt intuitively. The I-Ching a Taoist oracle, illustrates how we are both a cause and effect in a cycle of constant change. Like yoga, there is a goal of liberation to it, a break with the conventional way of seeing.**

In other words, life is a mystery.. that I don’t want to solve! I find comfort in the unknowable. …… I guess that is what art is about. It’s all just a mediation on mystery.


About Beauty and Dreams

I'm just a lady in Portland, OR. Check out my blog! Drawings, collage and more!
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2 Responses to A Note From Me!

  1. Tincup says:

    Thank you for sharing a little about yourself. We don’t often get to learn much about artists…except from what they create. Your short post above in addition to the art I looked through reveals a creative and broad thinking mind. Very encouraging and a rare treasure.

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