"Loss" collage, 2011 by: Chrissy Miles

The scars make us stronger.


About Beauty and Dreams

I'm just a lady in Portland, OR. Check out my blog! Drawings, collage and more!
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4 Responses to Loss

  1. Tincup says:

    I love this piece…I must say I am color ignorant…but I think the scars are highlighted against the red which is weaving its way upward…some of the older scars healing as blood begins to cover them…reminds me of the scars you see on beautiful powerful apex sea creatures that have battled through and still fight on…with more experience and vigor…

  2. Yes! I like your image of the scars healing. That is what it feels like to me. This was an intuitive process.. I started the collage when I was angry thinking about a personal loss.. it was pretty unformed. It was going to be an angry image. Overnight, my feelings cooled more on the side of strength/acceptance.. I was just trying to evoke what the feeling of loss looks like. I noticed that it looked like scars and scars healing once I was through. I feel much better!

  3. you do this the way henry miller paints. it’s the way to lighten the load while deepening the experience. thank you for posting this

  4. No, thank you! I never thought about that.. but by God! I feel great now. This blog is very stream of consciousness, just like my art. For me, it’s more so capturing a concept, image, or emotion on paper while I can, while I feel it, to release it. I listened to Nina Simone yesterday, and just before a song, she stopped her band, told them to relax and said, “Nothin’ until you feel it!” I share that cause that is another great affirmation, like Nina: “Nothin’ until you feel it!”

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