Gifts! Cool Stuff to Share

I got some lovely gifts this Christmas that are worth sharing:

Rat Drinking Guinness Keychain/Bottle Opener from Etsy Shop tanyabond

Alice in Wonderland illustrated by Ralph Steadman I have been pining over this one! What more can I say here?

Art in Hand Portland Project Playing Cards Each card features art by different Portland, OR artists. A great addition to my collection!

Artists shown: 4<3's Natasha Bacca, K/Clubs John Schlichta, Joker Caitlin Hamilton, 8<>'s Louis Delegato, J<>'s Debbie Foster, 2<3's Michelle Colbert. 9<>'s Elena Cronin (Peacock), A/Clubs Kelly Williams, 2<>'s Sarah Cruse, A<3's JD Woolworth & 8/Clubs Louis Delegato

Thank you Santa! xo


About Beauty and Dreams

I'm just a lady in Portland, OR. Check out my blog! Drawings, collage and more!
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4 Responses to Gifts! Cool Stuff to Share

  1. clinock says:

    Chrissy, you MUST have been an exceptionally GOOD girl this year for Santa to have brought you such wonderful gifts – I drool over the card set – WOW! And Alice has been with me all of my life – first book read to me over and over by my mum and I have most of the various editions published. Alice has affected my art, writings and yes, my choice of partners over the years. Enjoy your gifts.

  2. I think so! Alice is dear to me too. I have several editions as well and this was one I really wanted.. Now I’ve got the original, Rackham’s, Michael Hague’s, and this one. The one I’d still like to get is a Mervyn Peake version. His illustrations are brilliant.

  3. karexoxo says:

    I love the artistry of the Alice in Wonderland themed drawings. It really stretches reality, making it abstract, interesting to look at. I especially love those cards in the middle…definitely inspiring. You have interesting and thought provoking tastes

  4. Thank you for your lovely comments! Yes, Alice has a dream like surrealism that is fun to see interpreted in so many ways.

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