Birthplace of the Moons

Ainslie Roberts 'Birthplace of the Moons'

I am inspired by Ainslie Roberts. I’ve shared this before in other places, but I am sharing it again because I love it so much. In this aboriginal story the moon rises from the valley each month, but the sun chases it away tearing it into pieces, casting them to the universe to turn into stars. In this piece the moons await their turn to take their journey across the sky.


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3 Responses to Birthplace of the Moons

  1. Tincup says:

    There is much hidden meaning behind this image…but I think about one theory I have read. Some scientists believe the moon was created when the original earth collided with another planetoid…and from that great collision the earth was enlarged and the moon was created by shrapnel and gravity. So much beauty comes into being from creation and destruction.

    • Interesting! Funny how myths, turn out to mirror science in some ways. The aborigines have a lot of different stories re: the origins of the moon. My favorite is from a story called, “Alinda, the Moon Man,” that mentions how they believe that the skeletons of each dead moon fall into the sea and become nautilus shells.

      • Tincup says:

        That is beautiful. And it reminds me in part of yet another theory scientists has posed. Some believe early in the formation of the earth that the land which currently makes up the bottom of the mighty pacific was ripped off the earth through immense tidal forces and that was the material that formed the moon. Isn’t that a beautiful thought to put into a myth or for the poets. To think of the connection between the moon…the tides…and the mights Pacific Ocean…now there is the material for an epic poet.

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