It’s always too soon or too late…

Mentioning Kenneth Patchen in my comment earlier, something occurred to me.. There’s a line in a Bukowski poem, “Something for the Touts..” where he goes, “Its always too soon to die, or too late.” Is this a regular phrase? I just remembered one of Patchen’s picture poems, large as life : “It’s always too soon or too late. Fact is: The train don’t come on time for nobody, except those who should walk all the way to hell on their own backs.”  I wonder if he borrowed it? Patchen passed a year after the book came out.

K. Patchen

Kenneth Patchen was a poet, who was well known for his picture poems. Henry Miller referenced him a lot, but I didn’t actually check him out until a friend saw my drawings and  recommended him to me. I love what I found. I find a lot of his work simple, abstract, sincere.. and at times sweet. Balanced with dark and serious. He often protested injustice and war.

His poem: “The Artist’s Duty

ans another:

K. Patchen


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