Maxims for Life.. From Me! (and the Internet)

I  saw some Rules for Living posted by George Takei on his Facebook page awhile back and I have to agree that they are some good rules! They are:

1. Show up. 2. On time. 3. Work hard. 4. Be kind. 5. Floss.

I want to add to that from yours truly:

A good rule of thumb when cleaning the house: When in doubt, don’t be gross.

It really helps me take that extra step when I’m too tired!

I also recommend my own personal mantra: OWN IT.

Seriously. I second guess myself a lot, and sometimes worry about what others think, or am down on myself in a self-deprecating way.. and it really works. Dribble coffee on your shirt? Own it. Say something dumb? Own it and get over it.

OWN YOURSELF. It really makes a difference and feels better. This especially works if you are one of these. Like me.


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I'm just a lady in Portland, OR. Check out my blog! Drawings, collage and more!
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One Response to Maxims for Life.. From Me! (and the Internet)

  1. orples says:

    You are so right about owning your actions and being responsible for them. And on the opposite end of that spectrum you should also be generous in patting yourself on the back when you achieve whatever goals you’ve set your mind to accomplish. I think in order maintain balance you have to be fair with yourself (and others) on either end of the spectrum. Just a little thought that came to mind as I read your blog. 🙂

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