The Versatile Blogger Award

I’ve received and accepted The Versatile Blogger Award from Tincup over at his blog Contemplating the Human Direction, where he posts on a lot of issues regarding his life and the state of things today, as well as his poetry. His posts are really smart and you need to go check him out. Thank you, Tincup!

I understand as part of accepting the award, I am to share 7 random facts about myself that I have not yet shared on my blog, as well as support other bloggers by nominating 15 other blogs that I read.

However,  my blog is still relatively new and I have not yet discovered 15 blogs to nominate! I have found a few that I like a lot. I thought about what to do about this and decided that I will share a few on here that I like so far, and then nominate the others as I discover them.. unless that is considered breaking the rules??

I think it might work out better because the blogs won’t all get lost on a single post and people would be more likely to discover them. Also, on my Gravatar profile, under “Personal Links” I have links to larger blogs I read on a regular basis, if at all interested.

So first, 7 random facts about me:

1. I’m a huge martial arts fan. I watch old-school kung-fu all the time and have entertained fantasies of learning.. but I am shy and physically awkward and as of yet all I have learned is some tai chi and a couple jujitsu  moves from way back when I learned self-defense. So, I can throw a decent punch. Thankfully, I have only had to punch a a guy once though! Trust me he deserved it. Let’s hope that is all!

2. I am a decent cook in the sense of making up things on the fly.. I make a damn good grilled cheese, if I do say so myself.. but I am lazy and not really fond of cooking.

3. I am good at impressions.

4. I dance a mean twist.

5. I suck at anything domestic. I’ve had an expensive sewing machine for years and finally learned to use the thing and realized I don’t give a damn about sewing. I can’t grow a single, living thing. I love weeds. They are beautiful and grow themselves without my help.

6. I love music and all kinds of dancing, but again I am shy. I took belly dancing recently and loved it but I was the most awkward, ungainly person there. All arms. Like Olive Oyl at dance class. I think I secretly dream about being good at something that draws attention, but once I start getting attention.. it is a true nightmare for me. I am panicking now as I write this..

One more… Hmm.

7.  My readers may have gathered this, but I love animals and kids.. Esp. little animals. (No actually I don’t! I hate animals!.. Grr! Stupid cute defenseless things.. Where’s a puppy so I can kick one? Just kidding!)  I have kept a lot of small animals over the years as pets. I like to say the smaller the animal, the bigger the karma.  I should add that I wouldn’t want a bunch of animals and kids myself. I like to visit with/borrow others. I have one daughter (Who I had when I was 19!) who is really mellow and I think I’m good now. This womb is closed for business! *

So now you know way more about me than you ever wanted to know!

Now the nominations!

1. First, I should say one blog I like art rat cafe, was already nominated by Tincup. John Clinock is an ex-art teacher/artist, who also writes poems.. John is really articulate and eclectic in his interests. He also just seems like a really nice guy. Go check him out!

2. Next, so far I really like the power of h weblog -the author is always posting these versatile entries about all these really unique and talented, and sometimes unknown artists. I like that he seems to have a healthy sense of humor as well .

3. mialoveshenrymiller– I literally JUST discovered her since she liked one of my posts (Thank you! x0!) and this girl is amazing. She does it all. Her site is really well done too.  (Unlike mine. Mine is more DIY ghetto fabulous, if I do say so myself!) Kudos! The title is sort of self explaintory.

4. karexoxo. This gal is a good writer and wants to be a journalist. Show her some love!

5. Aaron Leaman. I really like his photos. He is another multi-talent and also does films, music, poetry..

So that makes 5! I have 10 more left. I will keep you posted on my remaining nominations!

*Bonus fact! I am bad at punctuation.. but you knew that. (Darn exclamation points and commas and ellipses!) I will work on it.


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One Response to The Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Tincup says:

    Your seven factoids were cute and funny. You don’t have to pick 15 bloggers…it is 5 to 15. You will probably win again so you can simply add some more at that time.

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