Recurring Dream: Mega Skyscrapers

I have a recurring theme in my dreams over the years.. I am in very, very  tall skyscrapers, miles and miles high, and there are others just as high, but I am usually in a higher one.. Looking down I can actually see clouds, the curve of the earth, ocean in the distance. Is this a thing?? There is always a weak point. An open window, just a railing, maybe wind blowing.. I think I can feel the building sway and gravity trying to pull me down. I am usually not alone, if I see others they walk around me as if nothing is wrong completely unafraid. I seem invisible to them. I usually lay on the ground or crawl around trying to hold onto something and I almost always close my eyes to stop the vertigo. The things that tend to change are the staircases/elevators. However, in my first dreams like these, I remember elevators going very fast up and down and sideways. I was a little shaken up years later, when I saw a special about megaskyscrapers under construction in Asia.


There’s something else.. in my most powerful dreams, like these, and others, the ocean is almost always present. I started writing this post earlier.. it is partly what inspired my most recent dream drawing. Writing it out something occurred to me, something that I take at face value in my dreams without question: The ocean is aware. It isn’t speaking to me.. but I always just accept that it’s like this pulsing, throbbing, brain. I feel like it is watching me.. or waiting for me. Like we have an understanding. It is really strange..

“Sewall at Sunset” by: Kerry Legendre

The image above is significant to me. I’ve had a lot of powerful, recurring dreams of the Levee at Lake Pontchartrain in New Orleans, and New Orleans in general, since I was a little girl. I found out it was a real place by chance from a picture on the internet of the stairs leading down to the ocean. That is a whole other story all together… more on that later maybe.

I have read that skyscrapers could symbolize yourself and your ideals, especially with creativity. My own interpretation, might have something to do with a fear of risks, of losing control, of not wanting to face my fears or see what’s in front of me. The closing my eyes part might have something to do with denial.. also feeling invisible or unable to do what others do.. I know a lot of these skyscrapers dreams I have are important ones, because they are so vivid. An unknown could be if I really tapped into something real from somewhere.. part of me suspects it, at least a little bit, but there is no way of knowing that..


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2 Responses to Recurring Dream: Mega Skyscrapers

  1. for almost a decade i had a recurring dream. about an airplane. I couldn’t remember where i parked it. and then one day i’m walking around and it occurs to me that i don’t have an airplane. never had the dream again.

  2. It’s funny how that happens. I had the New Orleans dreams for years but once I realized that it actually was New Orleans, I haven’t had the dreams since.

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