Nietzsche 4 Babies

Check out this gem I found: Nietzsche 4 Babies. It is apparently from a series called P4B (Philosophy 4 Babies.)

There is so much I love about this.


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4 Responses to Nietzsche 4 Babies

  1. Tincup says:

    LOL…i dont know about the mustache…but I love the ideas here. I would rather see you sketch the baby in a powerful form to represent these ideas.

  2. Ha! I think it’s supposed to look like him.I like this the same way I like Nicolas Cage.. and for the same reasons.

    • Tincup says:

      I like Cage very much…in fact my personality is kind of like his in certain ways…he is also broke from too many divorces..ha ha…I imagine taking the ideas of Nietzche or other great philosophers and putting books with words and images together that inspire their messages…that collage creation on you gravatar…I imagine those types of images in regards to a young being’s power and potential power…so there is a potential project for you since you like kids books and philosophers.

  3. Hmm.. I think it would be a great art piece. I am thinking though, that babies already feel they are the center of the universe so it is lost on them.. Ha! Just kidding, It is something to think about..

    However, the message I would give children, I feel has already been said, possibly better, in other books. I am thinking of a picture book that came out recently, “The Crown on Your Head,” by: Nancy Tillman. When I read it I couldn’t help exclaiming, “Brilliant!” I may do a post about it. She uses the image of a metaphorical crown to illustrate something we are all born with that cannot be taken away, our unique spark.

    I see a lot of picture books giving the messages that children are loved and unique, which developmentally at that age I think is what they need to hear. The children I think who really need nurturing are middle school age kids. They are developing their sense of self, THAT, is what they are going to carry with them for the rest of their life. There was a great This American Life episode on middle school kids a little while back talking about this and it was really interesting.

    Your comment does give me an idea though for another subject altogether that I have never seen done before that I feel I could express in my style. We shall see if I can get around to it, if somebody doesn’t beat me to it.

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