Orion Queen Anne’s Lace

Photo, 2011 by: Chrissy Miles

Photo, 2011 by: Chrissy Miles

“What do you think of this night?”

“I have never seen the like.”

“Nor have I,” said the man. “Orion looks like Queen Anne’s lace.”

“What did you say?” asked Jourdan.

“Orion is twice as big as usual.There he is, up there. Stop. Up there. There. Do you see?”


“I have never been able to show people things, ” said the man. “It’s curious. I have always been reproached for it. They say, “No one sees what you mean.”

“Who said that?”

“Oh, someone.”

“A fool.” said Jourdan.

“But”, said the man, “you haven’t seen Orion either.”

“No, ” said Jourdan. “But I see the Queen Anne’s lace.”

“That’s a pure heart, ” said the man, “and a good will.”

-Jean Giono “Joy of Man’s Desiring”


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One Response to Orion Queen Anne’s Lace

  1. Those flowers look like cotton balls!

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