Henry Miller: To Paint is to Love Again

Henry Miller on painting and his passion for watercolours.

To paint is to love again. To get up at the crack of dawn and take a peek at the watercolours that you did the day before, is like stealing a look at the beloved while she sleeps.” -Henry Miller


About Beauty and Dreams

I'm just a lady in Portland, OR. Check out my blog! Drawings, collage and more!
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3 Responses to Henry Miller: To Paint is to Love Again

  1. Tincup says:

    His comments were excellent. And the overall message of this post aligns with my thoughts as to why I would bother writing on a blog or why I would bother taking a photograph…it is indeed for myself to wake up and discover but it is also to share love or try to express and share my love or express what love could be.

  2. his art just pours out of him because he lets it. what a marvellous overview of one of the most important figures of the 20th century. thank you for posting this!

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