Phenomenal Illustrator: Michael Hague

I have gushed about Michael Hague before in other places.. but I can’t help doing another post here because I’m such a huge fan of his. He doesn’t need it, he is pretty famous. I think his work pretty much speaks for itself.. His work is woodsy, and magical and strange.. Often feeling frozen in time, or as if you were allowed to “peep” in on the characters in the middle of their magical adventures through this intimate little window.

Michael Hague “Peter Pan.” I think he nailed him. Especially his hair.

It goes without saying if I ever meet him I’m gonna geek out. One time I sent him a message on myspace (remember myspace?) and he posted one of his fairy pictures on my wall with this nice little message and I was thrilled. How cool is that? He also immediately endeared me to him cause his tagline was a quote from, The Big Lebowski, “That rug really tied the room together.” I’m still kicking myself that I lost access to my myspace cause it’s been so long. I’d love to peek back at that little time machine and wince with delight and horror. (Mostly, horror.) Actually, maybe it’s better forgotten..

Again, sorry my pictures aren’t the best! I am saving up for a real camera. You get the idea though..


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