More Stuff to Buy! Valentine’s Day

I know the score internet. It’s all about, “Can I buy it?” “Is it cute/hot?” “Can it improve my cred?” My answer is: Yes! All three. I’ve noticed the couple posts I did linking to cool things were really popular, so I thought I would post another.

Here’s a few links for valentine’s day to pamper yourselves/buy for your significant others and such.

Dollhouse Bettie in San Francisco, CA: Retro/Vintage/Pin-Up Lingerie. Gorgeous! Check out their blog. Great posts on history of burlesque. I also recommend Lille Boutique based out of Portland, OR. There are so many little shops, but I always see unique and eye catching things there.

Sake Scent Stick Solid Perfume from Etsy shop Fairly Charmed Osmanthus, vanilla and musk with subtle fruity (peach, lemon, & green apple), and floral (rose, lily & iris) notes.

Ruby Peacock Lampshade Slip Cover from Etsy shop DRESSASHADE.This shop sells custom slipcovers to make your lamps look awesome. So if your not feeling the Target Beige you can go nuts. They also have one that looks like comics!

Sock Theory & Sock it to Me: Cause life is too short to wear boring socks. Sock it to Me is also based in Portland, has stuff for guys and gals and you can submit your own designs! They have socks with mustaches, mushrooms, gnomes, ninjas, beer.. you name it. I have a pair of Derby socks from there that say “Bad Ass” and have arrows! So fun..

Check these ones from Sock Theory:

img. via Sock Theory (Click through to the site!)

Last but not least- Chocolate! Check out # 1 Theo’s Theo/Cafe Vita gift combo of coffee and chocolate. I think Cafe Vita makes the best lattes, and their Theo blend has hints of chocolate. They’re from Seattle. I noticed that they also had ginger rose chocolate. Doesn’t that sound delicious?

#2 I just discovered this company Grocer’s Daughter, who apparently has organic herb-infused truffles. Their Eclectic Mix has Mayan (chili-chocolate) truffles, basil ones, a sea-salt caramel made with honey and tea.. I found a good description on this site.

Oh! Speaking of chocolate, two more things: 1. For you vegetarians (or not), if you haven’t tried making a latte with chocolate flavored almond milk it’s amazing and you need to go do that right now.

& 2: Just discovered Coconut Mochas are really good and taste like a liquid Almond Joy. It’s also fun to say: “Coco-Mocha”.

Ok! That should keep you busy. Soon you may well be eating chocolate in your underwear and smelling like rice wine in your fun socks next to a pretty lamp and you can thank me! Maybe. If you’re rich. If not, we shall do it in spirit! I know I will. Cheers!


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4 Responses to More Stuff to Buy! Valentine’s Day

  1. definitely the skeleton stockings this year. the hell with the chocolates.

  2. Amanda@FairlyCharmed says:

    Thank you so much for including my scent stick in your list 🙂 But now my daughter wants skeleton socks 🙂 Awesomeness 🙂

    Thanks again!

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