Spider Silk


A couple days ago I wrote a poem about spider silk.. and made my personal facebook profile the picture of an orb spider web. The next day, I was mildly surprised to see an article on cnn, that they released a cape woven in Madagascar from the spider silk collected from 1.2 million golden orb spiders over a period of 7 years. The cape is bright yellow, the natural color of their silk, and very strong.  It’s covered with a Malagasy design of a plant and spider motif. Very pretty. Here is the link to that story.

Orb Spider Silk Cape Close-Up

Such a strange coincidence.. Even looking up a pic for my recent post, Lentil, on the first site I found, my eyes landed on a line with a woman describing an orb spider in her yard. No joke.

So I’m getting all into spiders now. I guess it’s what energy I’m attracting; first moths, now spiders. I just looked them up and read that spiders are linked to creativity and the web of fate… interesting…


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2 Responses to Spider Silk

  1. orples says:

    Speaking of spiders, years ago when my oldest grandson (then around 2) would come visit me, I had a ‘pet’ banana spider that had decided to set up housekeeping across the outside of the tool shed window. Mr. spider became a kept critter and turned out to be the biggest banana spider I’ve ever seen. The reason being, he was hand fed . . . almost. I used to love sticking Japanese beetles and other little buggies in his web so I could watch him come get dinner. He would spin his web and then pull the bug in it’s cocoon toward the center of the web to eat later. The first thing my grandson wanted to do when he got out of the car was feed ‘jap’ beetles to Mr. Spider”. Your post brought back memories of my spider friend. Oh, and by the way, the photos are suburb.

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