Yaqui Deer Dancer

image via: mjastudio.com

In the black hole that is the internet, I somehow got absorbed (again!) reading about deer dancing and came across this image. I was reading about Yaqui deer dancing and thought it was so interesting that it is a blend of the southwestern Yaqui Indian and Spanish tradition blending christian and shamanistic elements. There’s been a deer dancing history there for 400 yrs. One source says that during the Holy Week leading up to Easter Sunday, a bare chested deer dancer with rattles in his hands & stuffed deer head as headdress dances. On the Saturday before he, “he repels men representing Pharisees from the church building with bursts of confetti, symbolizing the power of Christ’s blood to overcome evil.” On Easter, he leads a procession into the church and dances on the altar. What an interesting juxtaposition of elements here!

There are traditions with deer dancing all over.. I was originally reading about the Tibetan history with it. I found this beautiful video of the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts Deer Dance in New Delhi a few yrs ago:


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2 Responses to Yaqui Deer Dancer

  1. orples says:

    This is an interesting post. Silly me, I was expecting 4-legged deer for some reason. But, I must admit, I actually learned something here, so was not disappointed in my error. Thanks for posting.

  2. It is random isn’t it? That seems to be the way.. I just thought it was such a pretty image. It is interesting that there is often the metaphor of dancing used with deer in literature and art. Most long legged animals really.

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