Letter Writing Challenge -Would you like a letter from me?

Hi all,

I saw this over at Books and Bowel Movements blog: For the month of March she is making handmade letters/cards to people who email her their address to help keep alive the tradition of sending letters. I guess this is something that has been going around the internet.

I think it sounds fun! I too love the written word, honest to goodness handwriting, letters.. It has been forever since I got any!

I don’t know how many people would actually reply, and not sure if I could send one everyday BUT I would love to make some cards!  If you would like a handmade card/letter from me, email your address to beautyanddreams@gmail.com and I will make you one.

Plus, you don’t know what you are going to get! Collage, comics, sewn paper. All my sources are unique/one of a kind.. it would be like a mini work of art just for you!

The challenge is technically a Month of Letters, so I will put a cap on it at 31- Which is how many days there are in March. Looking forward to writing some letters!


About Beauty and Dreams

I'm just a lady in Portland, OR. Check out my blog! Drawings, collage and more!
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2 Responses to Letter Writing Challenge -Would you like a letter from me?

  1. clinock says:

    What a brilliant idea! I won’t be back in Vancouver until late March but I would love to participate. I will send you my address. I will also reciprocate by sending you a creative letter in return. But this must wait until I am back in Canada. Your posts keep on catching my eye and I am inspired by your eclectic choice of always wondrous and captivating subjects. You become a very dear part of the magic I am experiencing here in San Miguel. Chrissy, you would love this ancient town, every day is like Alice in Wonderland.

  2. Great! I look forward to it. I know I would love it. I was drooling over your pictures so far! So beautiful.

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