Seitan-Onion Coffee Soup with Swiss and Toasted Almonds

Hi friends, it’s been a little while but I’m back with a recipe I came up with and am super excited to share! Now you can’t tell by the picture.. like.. at all but it is good aaand I am proud of myself.

I put it in the yoda cup because it is that amazing.. To me. This soup deserves a cup with balls. Not one of those girly 70's flower mugs I have a ton of.

Chrissy’s Seitan-Onion Coffee Soup with Swiss and Toasted Almonds

First, I made the seitan. I used this Seitan O’Greatness Recipe and cooked it till it was nice and firm (not too soft, so it will hold up in the soup.)

Meanwhile, when the seitan was almost done, I brewed up some strong coffee (you will need a couple cups). While it was brewing, I made 4 cups of faux beef broth by adding 4 tsp beef broth powder to 4 cups water then heated it to a boil. Meanwhile, I started sauteing 1 sliced sweet onion in some butter with a few splashes red cooking wine. I added some salt & pepper to the pan for luck. When the onions were tender, I added them to the broth, along with a Tbsp or so of butter and lowered it to simmer.

Then I put my seitan chunks in a small saucepan (or you could use a medium-ish bowl) and topped it with the 2 cups strong brewed coffee and a few splashes red cooking wine and about 1/2 a tsp salt sprinkled over. I tossed it with a wooden spoon and let it marinade for about 10 min. Since I used seitan, I didn’t want to overdo it or the “meat” would fall apart. Then I added the seitan and about half the coffee/wine mixture to the broth.

Then I taste tested it and found it to be perfect. Just salty enough. (The original plan had more seasoning and a little more ingredients but I realized adding more would take away from it. Part of the beauty of it is it’s simplicity.) You might add up to a Tbsp or so of herbs  like thyme or rosemary (optional) for a subtle herbiness. (I was out.. but it was still perfect. I would’t overdo it.)

Serve hot in big mugs or soup cups with slices of Swiss (or other aged cheese like Gruyere) and a sprinkling of sliced toasted almonds and parsley (optional).

Obviously, I thought it turned out well. It was just like I imagined it would be, but like I said, I simplified the original recipe idea quite a bit to get the desired results. I imagined a sort of cross between a beef stew (the heartiness of the beefy chunks and heady, briny broth) and french onion soup (the saltiness, the simplicity, the onions, and topped with cheese), with the added surprise and crunch of toasted almonds. The first bite was heaven! I just about fell over!

It is so satisfying to experiment and come up with something that works.


P.S. This is rich because of the coffee/butter/wine broth and the seitan is filling so 1 mug should do you, maybe with a side of some crusty bread. I’d say this makes about 4 servings.


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3 Responses to Seitan-Onion Coffee Soup with Swiss and Toasted Almonds

  1. clinock says:

    Never heard of Seitan before and being a veggie person I almost didn’t read your recipe but then decided to check the link – what a brilliant and hilarious blog! So then I realized that no carne was involved and really want to try this – sounds scrumptious. Thanks for sharing and lovely to see you back on board…

    • Thanks! Well, I said “Beef” that way cause I figure you could make it the other way too! That seitan recipe is great, I’ve used it different ways to make all kinds of “beefy” meat substitutes. I hear it originally is from someone’s submission to the vegan Post-Punk Kitchen board and made it’s way around the internet. I still eat cheese occasionally, but I think you could substitute Daiya for the cheese if that’s not your bag.

  2. orples says:

    Who’d of ever though to combine coffee and beef? This looks like an interesting recipe, worth a try. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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