Archetypes of the Cloud: Adventures in Cyberspace

Noetic Now Journal | Institute of Noetic Sciences.

There is a great article in here by Steven Vedro about the entanglement happening today through cyberspace. Which raises the question: “What are we co-creating with each new connection?”


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2 Responses to Archetypes of the Cloud: Adventures in Cyberspace

  1. clinock says:

    That is a dense, complex and thought provoking piece of philosophical writing – it demands more than one reading – it explores the dark and light sides of our ‘brave new world’ and offers a classic, Jungian way of living it through archetypes. My only concern, at first reading, is for those who are not familiar with the concepts of Jungian thought – what saving guides will they use?…

  2. Hmm. That is a good point about Jung. They just have to get familiar with him. Ha! Jung is my boy.. he got me into this mess.. I haven’t been the same since.

    I’m a big fan of IONS. Not sure if I’ve blogged about them here yet? They do scientific studies of the mind, telepathy, pre-cognition.. If you like this, you might like Dean Radin’s work. I read his book “Entangled Minds” about his scientific studies of the mind regarding entanglement and it was fascinating. A lot of the concepts Vedro is talking about.

    Other things to check out:
    Talbot’s “Holographic Universe:

    The Institute of HeartMath. An institute that studies the science of heart coherence having to do with the field of energy around the heart and how it responds to others, esp. Rollin McCraty’s work.

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