She’s back!

Saint Johns Bridge 2014. Photo by: Chrissy Miles

Saint Johns Bridge 2014. Photo by: Chrissy Miles

Hello everyone. As you know, my blog went on hiatus a couple years ago. I’m resurrecting it because a lot has happened since then. I’m hoping to update you all on what I have been up to these past couple years. I recently got Reiki Level II Certified, which is a type of energy medicine if you aren’t familiar, and am currently in the process of creating a reiki page hopefully to be unveiled soon. Also in the works: a good friend and myself will be co-authoring a blog where we will post book reviews.

In my last post, I was helping campaign for a good friend’s fundraiser to buy a unique Citroen van to house his new coffee/Thai food cart at the new PNCA (Pacific NW College of Art) location. Thank you for all who donated! He did indeed meet his goal and the new Yoburi coffee van has recently opened. Yay! Check him out on Instagram! He takes very good pics.

Other happenings of note: I lived in beautiful Saint Johns here in Portland for a year. I adopted two cats, a polydactyl tortie named, Pearl and a once tiny feral calico, now big, Minnie. ❤


My kitties: Minnie (left) and Pearl (right)

My new hobbies include: studying and making herbal medicine, starting a garden in my new place, honing my reiki skills, A LOT of reading, and creating new art- which I hope to share with you! Here’s to new adventures!


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One Response to She’s back!

  1. zeuslyone says:

    Welcome back! Cute cats! Great pic of the St. Johns Bridge. Good luck on all the new adventures.

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