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Windshield Penates

“Hanging from the top of the windshield were the penates: a baby’s shoe- that’s for protection, for the stumbling feet of a baby require the constant caution and aid of God; and a tiny boxing glove- and that’s for power, … Continue reading

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House of Earth

I’m reading Woody Guthrie’s novel, House of Earth and I’m actually on edge because I love it so much. Guthrie was fetishistic about adobe. He wanted an adobe house built with his own hands. Having lived through dust storms he felt adobe … Continue reading

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Merlyn, on the language of birds

It was a beautiful foggy morning here, everything covered in fuzzy painted on frost. Saw hawks circling and crying and some lovely, entertaining close-ups of crows at play. Then later on the bus ride home reading T.H.White’s The Once and Future King, … Continue reading

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Soul Friends

I love the term Anam Cara (soul friend).  I think it’s possible to have deep mysterious connections with a handful of people throughout your life. I read John O’ Donohue’s book, Anam Cara: Book of Celtic Wisdom when I was … Continue reading

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A Fire in the Mind

I don’t know where to begin so I guess I will begin here. Reading Joseph Campbell’s bio ‘A Fire in the Mind’. I got it for my birthday. Taken largely from journals, letters and interviews with people who knew him. … Continue reading

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The Magic of Spider Woman

I read this to my daughter recently. It was very satisfying because it blew her little mind. I know it did because she stared out the window in awed silence for the entire length of our trip after I finished … Continue reading

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RIP Ray Bradbury

“All of the good, weird stories I’ve written are based on things I’ve dredged out of my subconscious. That’s the real stuff. Everything else is fake.” -Ray Bradbury I was sad to hear that the author Ray Bradbury died. He … Continue reading

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A Day in the Life

Hello, blogger people. How are you? I have little things to share. First off, a little while ago I went through a period where I was working through stuff that I thought I was long over. We go through cycles … Continue reading

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Kid’s Books for Grown Folks – Pinocchio

Circus Roberlina’s recent post of a Collodi story reminded me of another “Kid’s Book for Grown Folks”- (a kid’s book that grown ups might still enjoy): Pinocchio. I love this old copy. I originally got it for my daughter, but maybe … Continue reading

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Time: Rhythm and Repose

Eric Alagan’s recent poem about Time, reminded me of a book to share: Time: Rhythm and Repose by: Marie-Louise von Franz This is an excellent book on time. Von Franz was a fellow psychologist and colleague of Swiss psychologist and pioneering researcher … Continue reading

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