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The Magic of Spider Woman

I read this to my daughter recently. It was very satisfying because it blew her little mind. I know it did because she stared out the window in awed silence for the entire length of our trip after I finished … Continue reading

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Forever With Child

Audre Lorde is one of my heroes . She wrote a couple of my favorite poems. One of them is on my mind today because of my friend who became a mother today: Now That I’m Forever With Child   “How the … Continue reading

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The Circle Game

I am thinking of my friend today, who is having her baby, and this song and these words (which have humbled and awed and served as a reminder to me all these years): Your children are not your children. They … Continue reading

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Thich Nhat Hanh Quote on Abuse

I thought this was worth sharing. I was so grateful to Thich Nhat Han for penning these words when I read them. I was reminded of them when I did my Bodhisattva post the other day: “Those who have been … Continue reading

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Kid’s Books for Grown Folks – Wildwood

Before I say anything, I want you all to check out Books & Bowel Movements recent post on this book. It is amazing, and way better written than anything I can come up with. Also, follow her blog. She is … Continue reading

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Collage Mini-Journals

I haven’t had much time to work on my other projects as much as I’ve wanted to; I’ve been busy. But I’ve made things! I made these mini-journals as party favors for a sleepover party for my daughter. They are … Continue reading

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In praise of the harmonica – Lentil

Another picture book! I  saw this at work and finally got around to reading it. It’s great. This book has character. Lentil wants to sing, but can’t. Neither can he whistle. All he can do is play the harmonica. There’s … Continue reading

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Little Girl, Fluffy Hair

I saw you come in with your grandmother in a wheelchair. It wasn’t the first time I saw you, she was berating you again… I felt jumpy and scared just listening to it, I tried to get close to you, … Continue reading

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