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Armenian Remembrance Day

Today marks the 100th anniversary of the Armenian genocide and is a remembrance day for the victims. I am half Armenian, my other half being mostly a mix of Irish and French ancestry. My grandfather was born on a boat off … Continue reading

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Late-night thoughts on self-image

I was sitting here thinking how the stuff in my apartment is slowly being overtaken with moisture (it is Portland after all) and finding it strangely comforting. It made me think so many thoughts.. I think of it as a … Continue reading

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Recurring Dream: Mega Skyscrapers

I have a recurring theme in my dreams over the years.. I am in very, very  tall skyscrapers, miles and miles high, and there are others just as high, but I am usually in a higher one.. Looking down I … Continue reading

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Tea Leaves

I’ve been thinking about my Nona a lot lately, and I thought I’d share a little bit about her, because she is on my mind. Sounds boring right? Bear with me. I received a Christmas Card from her recently, that I treasure. … Continue reading

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