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Ray Bradbury’s “Dandelion Wine” on Letting Go of the Past

So I am over halfway through with this and feel it is one of my new favorites. It’s a fictionalized version of Bradbury’s own childhood in the late  20’s in Illinois. A summer novel with just the right amount of … Continue reading

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Archetypes of the Cloud: Adventures in Cyberspace

Noetic Now Journal | Institute of Noetic Sciences. There is a great article in here by Steven Vedro about the entanglement happening today through cyberspace. Which raises the question: “What are we co-creating with each new connection?”

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A Day in the Life

Hello, blogger people. How are you? I have little things to share. First off, a little while ago I went through a period where I was working through stuff that I thought I was long over. We go through cycles … Continue reading

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What People Talk About Before Dying

I recently read this article on CNN by a hospice chaplain who has talked to many people before dying. She answers the question, “What do the sick and dying talk about?” Mostly? They talk about their families: “…They talk about the … Continue reading

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Thich Nhat Hanh Quote on Abuse

I thought this was worth sharing. I was so grateful to Thich Nhat Han for penning these words when I read them. I was reminded of them when I did my Bodhisattva post the other day: “Those who have been … Continue reading

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Ordinary Bodhisattva

I am reading Taigen Daniel Leighton’s Bodhisattva Archetypes. There is much wisdom and beauty in this! I recommend it to anyone with an interest in archetypes or Eastern philosophy. I share some highlighted bits: “Bodhisattva’s usually are unknown and anonymous, rather than … Continue reading

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This Blog is Certified..

Friendly to all races, ages, genders, orientations, religious beliefs, socio-economic backgrounds, abilities etc; I am of the opinion that people have the right to believe what they want. This should be a given, but I wanted to state it to … Continue reading

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Nietzsche 4 Babies

Check out this gem I found: Nietzsche 4 Babies. It is apparently from a series called P4B (Philosophy 4 Babies.) There is so much I love about this.

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Maxims for Life.. From Me! (and the Internet)

I  saw some Rules for Living posted by George Takei on his Facebook page awhile back and I have to agree that they are some good rules! They are: 1. Show up. 2. On time. 3. Work hard. 4. Be kind. 5. Floss. I … Continue reading

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Artist as Shaman: The Definition of Magic

I’ve been sick this past week! One thing about being sick is that it slows everything down and forces you to be quiet and still for awhile. I just wanted to share a few thoughts regarding magic and the creative … Continue reading

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