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Poem in Your Pocket

Today was poem in your pocket day. Do any of you participate in this? You leave and take poems and carry one around in your pocket. I did not find any, but I left a few copies of an old … Continue reading

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Forever With Child

Audre Lorde is one of my heroes . She wrote a couple of my favorite poems. One of them is on my mind today because of my friend who became a mother today: Now That I’m Forever With Child   “How the … Continue reading

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Hold Fast Yer Dreams

There’s a poem I read when I was a kid that I still remember. The first part of  it kept repeating in my head today: Hold fast your dreams! Within your heart Keep one still, secret spot Where dreams may … Continue reading

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Bread Without Sorrow – John Hodgen

I just read this. I thought it was really good. I had never heard of John Hodgen. I got this cause I played that game where you wander aimlessly in the aisles of the library, and kind of unfocus your … Continue reading

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Little Girl, Fluffy Hair

I saw you come in with your grandmother in a wheelchair. It wasn’t the first time I saw you, she was berating you again… I felt jumpy and scared just listening to it, I tried to get close to you, … Continue reading

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Lawrence Ferlinghetti: The World is a Beautiful Place

The world is a beautiful place to be born into if you don’t mind happiness not always being so very much fun if you don’t mind a touch of hell now and then just when everything is fine because even … Continue reading

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It’s always too soon or too late…

Mentioning Kenneth Patchen in my comment earlier, something occurred to me.. There’s a line in a Bukowski poem, “Something for the Touts..” where he goes, “Its always too soon to die, or too late.” Is this a regular phrase? I just remembered … Continue reading

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The Laughing Heart

The God’s wait to delight in you..

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