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Remember a few posts back I posted that I thought it would be fun to participate in the Letter Writing Challenge that has been going around? For a month you aim to write letters or handmade cards and send them … Continue reading

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“Since You Asked” Cary Tennis response to “My Teaching Job is a Nightmare!”

I “Since You Asked.” His advice is wise and well thought out. I loved his recent response to a teacher who feels stuck in her teaching job and says she can’t breathe. His first response: “Just breathe. Literally..” I … Continue reading

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Letter Writing Challenge -Would you like a letter from me?

Hi all, I saw this over at Books and Bowel Movements blog: For the month of March she is making handmade letters/cards to people who email her their address to help keep alive the tradition of sending letters. I guess this is … Continue reading

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Little Girl, Fluffy Hair

I saw you come in with your grandmother in a wheelchair. It wasn’t the first time I saw you, she was berating you again… I felt jumpy and scared just listening to it, I tried to get close to you, … Continue reading

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It’s always too soon or too late…

Mentioning Kenneth Patchen in my comment earlier, something occurred to me.. There’s a line in a Bukowski poem, “Something for the Touts..” where he goes, “Its always too soon to die, or too late.” Is this a regular phrase? I just remembered … Continue reading

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Happy New Year Everybody

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