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Kid’s Books for Grown Folks – Wildwood

Before I say anything, I want you all to check out Books & Bowel Movements recent post on this book. It is amazing, and way better written than anything I can come up with. Also, follow her blog. She is … Continue reading

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In praise of the harmonica – Lentil

Another picture book! I  saw this at work and finally got around to reading it. It’s great. This book has character. Lentil wants to sing, but can’t. Neither can he whistle. All he can do is play the harmonica. There’s … Continue reading

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Kid’s Books for Grown Folks – Carl Sandburg’s “Rootabaga Stories”

Originally written as bedtime stories for his daughters, Carl Sandburg’s “Rootabaga Stories” takes you to Rootabaga Country with Blixie Bimber, The Potato-Faced Blind Man, Rags Habakuk & the Blue Rats, The Wedding of the Ragdoll and the Broom Handle and … Continue reading

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Nietzsche 4 Babies

Check out this gem I found: Nietzsche 4 Babies. It is apparently from a series called P4B (Philosophy 4 Babies.) There is so much I love about this.

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Kid’s Books for Grown Folks – The Animal Family

I adored this book!! It’s a children’s novel written by poet Randall Jarrell, about a hunter who brings home a mermaid to live with him, followed by a bear, a lynx and finally a boy and they all create a … Continue reading

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